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Series Name DL
Nominal Cooling Capacity (tonnage) 1.5
Star Rating 5 star
(Rated) Voltage/Frequency/Phase 230 V / 50Hz / Single
Cooling Capacity (Watt)(Min~Max) 5050 (1653 ~ 5178)
Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr) 17231
Rated Cooling Capacity (50% Load) (Watt) 2525
Cooling Rated Power Input (Watt) 1348
Cooling Capacity (BTU/hr)(Min~Max) 17231 (5640 ~ 17667)
Cooling Power Input (50% Load) (Watt) 525
Electricity Consumed In 1600 Hours. (Units/Year) 850.74
Nominal Current (Cooling)(Amps) 6.17
Air Flow Volume (Wet CFM) (High / Medium / Low) 455/348/285
Noise Level Indoor (dB(a)) (High/ Medium/ Low) 46.5/41.1/37.2
Moisture Removal (Litres/Hour) 1.35
Compressor Type Inverter Rotary
Acoustic Jacket On Compressor Yes
Refrigerant Quantity(Kg) 0.62
Ambient Temp (Cooling) (degree C) 52
Remote LCD Remote with Display
Night Glow Function On Remote Buttons No
Net IDU(Product) Dimension (mm) 960 x 320 x 215
Input Power Supply Indoor Unit
Net Weight IDU (kg) 12
Net ODU Dimensions (Width X Depth X Height) (mm) 888.4 x 581.5 x 367
Net Weight ODU (kg) 28.6
Noise Level Outdoor (dB(a)) 58
Gross IDU Weight (kg) 15
Gross ODU Weight (kg) 33.3
Suction Tube Size Outer Diameter Inch (mm) 1/2" (12.7mm)
Liquid Tube Size Outer Diameter Inch (mm) 1/4" (6.35mm)
Max Piping Capability Total (metre) 15
Max Piping Capability Vertical (metre) 10
Refrigerant Additional Charge Beyond 4M (g/m) 15
Power Supply to ODU Source(Core/Gauge) 4C * 1.5sqmm
Power Supply to IDU Source(Core/Gauge) 3C * 1.5sqmm
Product Title DLTU
Features Refrigerant R32
Features Condenser Type 100% Copper
Air Conditioner Technology Inverter

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