Rs. 17,690 Rs. 29,000


Capacity 7.0 KG
Model Number WT EON ALLURE 700 PAHMP
MRP 29000
Offer Price 17690


Experience the joy of superior wash, everytime with Godrej Eon Allure. It thoughtfully combines the power of 3 distinct wash tub features - The Aquajet pulsator, Gravity Drum and Cascade Waterfall in a Roller-coaster like rapid movement, for optimal cleaning.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 7Kg
  • Color: Metallic Red
  • Rollercoaster Wash Technology
  • Flexi-Wash technology
  • 100% Water Resistant Control Panel
  • Eco Mode
  • Cloth Load Indicator
  • Child Lock
  • Magic Filter
  • Memory Backup
  • 2 Years Comprehensive Warranty and 10 Years Motor Warranty

Aquajet Pulsator

The Aerodynamic Design of the pulsator is inspired by the modern aircraft rotors and it's larger surface area delivers strong turbulance and offers more contact resulting in better scrubbing. This ensures penetration of detergent rich water into the clothes.

Cascade Waterfall

The new Godrej Eon Allure Washing Machine comes with a unique washing action called the Cascade Effect. This acts like a waterfall which flows from both sides of the drum. The dirty water flows out as fresh water gushes in to take its place.

Gravity Drum

The unique drum contour design ensures effective and efficient cloth movement inside the tub which leads to a five way wash and also provides a better scrubbing action. The gravity drum design is highly effective for dirt removal and consistent wash performance.

Eco Mode

The Eco mode* let's you smartly wash clothes by minimizing water consumption in comparison with the normal mode. It helps to save 44 L water.

In-Built Heater

This comes with water heater which can heat the water up to 55 degrees. It helps rid clothes of bacteria and germs to ensure a hygienic wash for your family.

Delay Start

The delay start feature allows the user to set a delay in starting operation by upto 23 hours. This allow the wash take place even in your absence.


This function let's you pre-soak heavily soiled clothes till upto 30 mins, for a better wash result. Choose the soak time depending on the condition of your laundry.

Detergent Indicator

The machine automatically detects the amount of detergent to be added as per the cloth load.

Cloth Load Indicator

The machine comes with a cloth load indicator which indicates the weight of the dry load of clothes on the digital panel, enabling the user to be aware of the correct load that should be fed in the machine.

Child Lock

You can lock all the buttons on the control panel using this to prevent the child from changing the settings. You just need to long press the Tub clean button for 3 secs to activate the child lock.

Tub Clean

It’s a self cleaning mechanism built in to the machine in which the machine runs itself to remove any residue left from the previous washes, hence keeps it clean thereby sanitizing the tub and removing any unpleasant odour.

Soft Shut Wash lid

The ergonomically designed lid lifts easily and gently falls down to protect hands.

Magic Filter

Effective filtration that ensures lint collection even at low water levels.

10 Year Motor Warranty

Guarantees you peace of mind for 10 years..

Anti-Rust Cabinet

The cabinet is made from pre-coated galvanized steel to ensure a long life.

Anti-Rodent Mesh

Effective filtration that ensures lint collection even at low water levels.

Softener Dispenser

The tub has a sofetner dissolving mechanism, ensuring its even distribution.

Memory Backup

During program operation if there is a power cut, the machine memorizes the program operation and on restoration of incoming power, the machine will resume from exactly where it stopped.

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